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My Pictures and Descriptions of Louisa County Wildflowers

American Lotus
Black-Eyed Susan
Blue Vervain
Bull Thistle
Common Rose Mallow
Compass Plant
Cut Leaf Teasel
Daisy Flea Bane
Day Lily
Evening Primrose
False Sunflower
Flowering Spurge
Giant Sunflower
Hedge False Bindweed
Horse Mint
Horse Nettle
Milkweed and Monarch
Milkweed Varieties
New England Aster
Nodding Thistle
Oyster Plant
Partidge Pea
Smooth Sumac
Queen Anne’s Lace
Sensitive Partridge Pea
Swamp Milkweed
Sweet Clover
Trumpet Creeper
Wild Bergamot
Yellow Coneflowers


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