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Lost in the Corn October 25, 2010

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In the Maze

Friday night I tagged along as our church youth group and Venture Crew 007 took in the Corn Maze at Barnyard Blooms in Grandview. I had a blast.

The teens ran the maze, pausing occasionally to scare the beejeebers out of each other.

We adults wandered aimlessly at times. Other times, we explored more purposefully, cheating with aerial photos we’d copied onto our cell phones.

Our Iowa corn is usually six to seven feet tall, making it ideal for mazes. GPS controlled planters make it posssible to do very elaborate designs. This year’s maze is a salute to our troops.

Aerial View

To make things a little more challenging, check points with quiz questions related to the theme have been placed in several spots in the maze.

Check Point

Weather permitting, the maze will be open through Halloween. Click here for cost, hours, and directions.


6 More Ways to Have Fun at Chief Wapello Days July 1, 2010

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Last year I wrote about 12 Fun Things to Do at Chief Wapello Days. You can still do them all, but in 2010 there will be even more ways to have fun.

  1. Ride a Segway. Segway are those futuristic scooters you drive by leaning. Mike Mott will have his Segways down here for Chief Wapello Days. For a small fee you can try one out on an obstacle course.
  2. Play Sand Volleyball. You love to watch beach volleyball at the Olympics. Get a team together and take on the other comers at Coed Sand Volleyball Tournament.
  3. Hear Celebrate Iowa. The Celebrate Iowa Singers and Jazz Band have added Chief Wapello Days to their state-wide tour. Chosen from the best of Iowa’s high school musicians, these kids are really good. They will be performing Wednesday night at the High School auditorium. Seating is limited, so get your ticket early at the State Farm Insurance office.
  4. Race Your Lawnmower Is it true that nothing runs like a Deere? We’re about to find out at the Chief Wapello Days Lawn Mower Races.
  5. Ride a Pony. What’s better than mutton busting? Your very first pony ride. When you’re done, head over to the new petting zoo.
  6. Become Queen of the PRCA Rodeo. Do roping and chaps replace singing and swimsuits? Close. Judging will be on horsemanship and modeling. Cowgirl up and impress the judges and you could be the first Queen of the Wapello FFA PRCA Rodeo. Get an application and complete list of rules at the Wapello Rodeo websitee.

For last year’s list of fun stuff to do at Chief Wapello Days click on the link below.

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Sunset Trail November 20, 2009

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This weekend Wapello’s Keck Players are presenting a musical sitcom with a western theme: Sunset Trail (or Norma’s Desperate to Get Back to the Boulevard!)

Norma Desperate, a former star, is now living in a small western town where her oversize ego is fed and nurtured by the local townsfolk who are delighted to have such a famous resident. Add a greedy con artist who’s after Norma’s money and a bank robber named Billy the Goat and anything might happen.

A spoof of the academy award winning film noir Sunset Boulevard the local production stars Kathy Vance as Norma. The Beautiful and Vivacious One plays Norma’s French hairdresser, Minnie LaRinse, and the usual assortment of regulars and newbies complete the cast.

Remaining performances are Saturday, November 21 at 7:30 and Sunday, November 22 in the high school theater. Admission is $7.50. See you there!

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Halloween Hike Reveals Birds’ Secrets October 21, 2009

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Birds have secrets just like you and I, but Saturday night a group of amateur actors conspired to shine a floodlight on the secret lives of birds.

Actors ready to reveal the truth about Orioles

Actors ready to reveal the truth about Orioles

The occasion was the Louisa County Conservation Board’s annual Halloween hike.  The place was Virginia Grove Park.  Each year pumpkins carved by Cub Scouts light the way along the quarter-mile trail through the dark woods.  Every hundred yards or so there’s a small clearing and a team of costumed actors that presents interesting or useful facts about some of nature’s creatures. This year the featured creatures were birds.

I know what you’re thinking.  Some guy reading from a sheet of paper says, “Hello, I am a robin.  I have a red breast, etc…”  Let me tell you, it’s not like that at all.  It is cold and dark in the dark woods. If that was all there was, the first hike would have been the last.

These skits are fun.  They’re so popular that you have to make a reservation to go on the hike and the tickets sell well. (This year they sold 294.) The skits are written by two local naturalists.  They combine a few interesting facts with spoofs of famous people, TV shows, and everyday life.  The costumes are delightful.

Nuthatch and Sparrow at the "Poop and Go"

Nuthatch and Sparrow at the "Poop and Go"

Here are some of the skits that this year’s hikers got to watch:

  • A Dr. Seuss bedtime poem about birds.
  • A male Baltimore oriole who thought he should be getting more attention from a birder taking a census.
  • A nuthatch and a house sparrow discussing the problems of spoiled food in feeders and the pooh pollution on the ground beneath them.
  • John TraVulture leading a panel of feathered experts in a discussion of bird songs and behaviors.
  • A rap about Iowa’s birds.

Release Your Inner Elf October 14, 2009

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It’s more than the ears; it’s the attitude.

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