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Lost in the Corn October 25, 2010

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In the Maze

Friday night I tagged along as our church youth group and Venture Crew 007 took in the Corn Maze at Barnyard Blooms in Grandview. I had a blast.

The teens ran the maze, pausing occasionally to scare the beejeebers out of each other.

We adults wandered aimlessly at times. Other times, we explored more purposefully, cheating with aerial photos we’d copied onto our cell phones.

Our Iowa corn is usually six to seven feet tall, making it ideal for mazes. GPS controlled planters make it posssible to do very elaborate designs. This year’s maze is a salute to our troops.

Aerial View

To make things a little more challenging, check points with quiz questions related to the theme have been placed in several spots in the maze.

Check Point

Weather permitting, the maze will be open through Halloween. Click here for cost, hours, and directions.


Canoeing with Colin October 1, 2010

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Colin is a city boy and a world traveler. He’s used to the bright lights and bustling streets of places like Tokyo and Kuala Lampur. When his travels brought him to Wapello, I wondered (more…)

The Joy of Geocaching August 20, 2010

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The Beautiful and Vivacious One loves finding geocaches. She has found more than two hundred of them, but only once had she been the first one to find a cache.

“We have to make an emergency trip to South End Park,” she exclaimed moments after she walked in the door. “There’s a brand new geocache there and I can get a first find!”

I pulled on my shoes and grabbed the camera while she grabbed her GPS and we were on our way.

Some Geocachers are treasure hiders. One of them will hide a box with a few trinkets in it and then publish the longitude and lattitude at geocaches.com. Other geocachers are treasure hunters. They look up the coordinates and try to find the cache.

The new cache in South End Park is a tricky, two-parter. The BVO is very good at this game and even though the first part was tiny and well-camouflaged, she found it quickly. All the container held was another set of coordinates.

Off we went to another part of the park.

You can sometimes spot geocachers by their unusual behavior.

Geocachers have to be careful because such behavior can attract the attention of “muggles.” As assistant geocacher, my job was to keep watch and I caught several neighborhood busybodies spying on us.



Mourning Doves

After much searching, the BVO finally found the main cache. She was delighted that it still contained a special coin for the first finder.

Cache Contents

Where to Eat During Chief Wapello Days July 13, 2010

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This time of year I get a lot of visitors to my blog who are looking for information about Chief Wapello Days. Assuming many of you are from out of town here is the low-down on places to eat.

Non-Profit Fundraisers

  • The Wapello FFA will be serving burgers, walking tacos, and the like on the rodeo grounds Friday and Saturday night.
  • Saturday morning the Kiwanis Club will serve pancakes and sausage downtown from 7:30 until 9:30. You’ll find us on the north end of the business district. Proceeds go to scholarships and local projects that benefit the kids of our community.
  • First United Methodist Church will be serving lunch after the parade until about 1:30. They’re located just north of Isett on Main Street.
  • Habitat for Humanity will be serving lunch at the Hotel Wapello near the corner of Isett and Main.


From north to south on US 61:

  • Stitches and Cream offers multiple flavors of soft serve. My family goes there for shakes and sundaes.
  • Casey’s has great donuts and breakfast pizza every morning along with good coffee that you can flavor to your own liking. Later in the morning they shift to pizza slices and finger food. Call ahead to order a whole pizza.
  • The Honey Hole makes a very good, sit-down breakfast. Try the mess or biscuits and gravy. They also serve lunch. If you like catfish it’s the place to go for lunch Friday. They’re on the north side of highway 61 across from the water tower. Seating is limited, but there is plenty of parking.
  • The Dairy Bar offers cones through a window or you can go inside for burgers and pie. President Obama stopped there for ice cream while campaigning. He left with a smile.
  • Country Cafe is your average small-town cafe. You can get breakfast or a hot lunch. The cafe has the largest seating capacity and the smallest parking lot.
  • Jack and Jill serves eggs and pancakes for breakfast and a hot lunch.


  • Johnnie B’s is the best restaurant in town, the only one with a liquor license, and the only place for a steak dinner. Lunches are very reasonable. You’ll find them on the river at the end of Isett. There is additional parking north of the restaurant. They close at 5:00 pm on Sunday.
  • I haven’t been there yet, but I hear that the Meat Market and Deli is a good place to get breakfast or a light lunch. You’ll find them on 2nd Street at the north end of the business district.

Where do I go? If I have time, I usually go to the Honey Hole for breakfast, but I encourage you to come by the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. For lunch or dinner I generally choose Johnnie B’s, but Saturday I’ll be having lunch with the Methodists or Habitat for Humanity.

6 More Ways to Have Fun at Chief Wapello Days July 1, 2010

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Last year I wrote about 12 Fun Things to Do at Chief Wapello Days. You can still do them all, but in 2010 there will be even more ways to have fun.

  1. Ride a Segway. Segway are those futuristic scooters you drive by leaning. Mike Mott will have his Segways down here for Chief Wapello Days. For a small fee you can try one out on an obstacle course.
  2. Play Sand Volleyball. You love to watch beach volleyball at the Olympics. Get a team together and take on the other comers at Coed Sand Volleyball Tournament.
  3. Hear Celebrate Iowa. The Celebrate Iowa Singers and Jazz Band have added Chief Wapello Days to their state-wide tour. Chosen from the best of Iowa’s high school musicians, these kids are really good. They will be performing Wednesday night at the High School auditorium. Seating is limited, so get your ticket early at the State Farm Insurance office.
  4. Race Your Lawnmower Is it true that nothing runs like a Deere? We’re about to find out at the Chief Wapello Days Lawn Mower Races.
  5. Ride a Pony. What’s better than mutton busting? Your very first pony ride. When you’re done, head over to the new petting zoo.
  6. Become Queen of the PRCA Rodeo. Do roping and chaps replace singing and swimsuits? Close. Judging will be on horsemanship and modeling. Cowgirl up and impress the judges and you could be the first Queen of the Wapello FFA PRCA Rodeo. Get an application and complete list of rules at the Wapello Rodeo websitee.

For last year’s list of fun stuff to do at Chief Wapello Days click on the link below.

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