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Next Year’s Queen Anne’ s Lace October 18, 2010

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Wild Carrots

While I was poking around the roadside photographing sunflowers and asters, I came across a large patch of wild carrots. Next year this carrot patch will produce beautiful Queen Anne’s Lace. (more…)


Meet a Killdeer October 14, 2010

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You’ll see a lot of Killdeer in Louisa County during the summer. They like gravel roads and parking lots and will nest right next to the road. They have a loud piercing call that sounds like kill-deer or dee-dee-dee. I hear the latter more often.

Most Plovers commute between the Artic Circle and the Gulf of Mexico. Killdeer summer in the continental US and Canada. During the summer they are the only Plovers to be seen, however you should like twice during the sping and fall, since other Plovers may be passing through.

Giant Sunflower October 4, 2010

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Giant (Tall) Sunflower

For the last several weeks great patches of sunflowers have gilded our Louisa County roadsides. Although common sunflowers have bigger flower heads, the sunflowers in the picture are known as Giant Sunflowers, Helianthus giganteus, because of their height. (They can be up to 12 feet tall.) Most of the plants (more…)

Great Blue Herons September 15, 2010

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Great Blue Heron at Indian Slough

Here are two pictures of Great Blue Herons. The first picture, above, was taken late in the evening at Indian Slough, north of Wapello. (more…)

Fall Migration Has Begun September 13, 2010

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Gull Over Odessa

Recently, I saw a flock of geese silouetted near the moon at twilight. My thought that the fall migration had begun was confirmed when I visited Lake Odessa’s labyrinth the other day. The Great Egrets are (more…)

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