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Fall Migration Has Begun September 13, 2010

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Birds, Louisa County.

Gull Over Odessa

Recently, I saw a flock of geese silouetted near the moon at twilight. My thought that the fall migration had begun was confirmed when I visited Lake Odessa’s labyrinth the other day. The Great Egrets are gone and the ubiquitous Red-winged Blackbirds have vanished.

Great Blue Herons, always common, have become abundant as their northern brethren work their way south.

The first of the wintering gulls have also arrived. The gull pictured flying over Lake Odessa is a Ring-billed Gull. Louisa County lies on the northern edge of their winter range, so this individual may stay or move farther south. Herring Gulls also winter here and Bonapart’s Gulls will pass through on their way to Dixieland and the gulf states.

Whether you are a birder or a hunter, fall migration is a great time to visit Louisa county. More than two hundred species of birds–many of them waterfowl and shore birds–will be making their way south along the Mississippi. Most will stop in the Port Louisa Refuge or Lake Odessa to rest and eat before resuming their journey.



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