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The Joy of Geocaching August 20, 2010

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Parks, Small Town Life, Wapello.

The Beautiful and Vivacious One loves finding geocaches. She has found more than two hundred of them, but only once had she been the first one to find a cache.

“We have to make an emergency trip to South End Park,” she exclaimed moments after she walked in the door. “There’s a brand new geocache there and I can get a first find!”

I pulled on my shoes and grabbed the camera while she grabbed her GPS and we were on our way.

Some Geocachers are treasure hiders. One of them will hide a box with a few trinkets in it and then publish the longitude and lattitude at geocaches.com. Other geocachers are treasure hunters. They look up the coordinates and try to find the cache.

The new cache in South End Park is a tricky, two-parter. The BVO is very good at this game and even though the first part was tiny and well-camouflaged, she found it quickly. All the container held was another set of coordinates.

Off we went to another part of the park.

You can sometimes spot geocachers by their unusual behavior.

Geocachers have to be careful because such behavior can attract the attention of “muggles.” As assistant geocacher, my job was to keep watch and I caught several neighborhood busybodies spying on us.



Mourning Doves

After much searching, the BVO finally found the main cache. She was delighted that it still contained a special coin for the first finder.

Cache Contents



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