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Meet a Tree Swallow July 25, 2010

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Birds, Louisa County, Nature.
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Tree Swallows

I took this picture at Five Oaks Farm west of Wapello. The bird on the right is a Tree Swallow. You can distinguish them from other swallows by their coloring. They have purple backs and buff breasts. Barn Swallows have much longer tails and reddish coloring on their chins and chests. The bird on the left is probably a Barn Swallow.

All swallows eat insects, but Tree Swallows will also eat berries when times are tough. They winter in Central America and return to Iowa long before other swallows.

Outside the breeding season they travel and roost in enormous flocks that can consist of more than 100,000 birds.



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