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Hide and Seek at Lake Odessa May 13, 2010

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Birds, Canoeing, Nature.

Some people are very good at playing hide and seek with small birds and other wildlife. I’m just learning the art, so I’m pleased to share this picture of a Solitary Sand Piper that I took while canoeing at Lake Odessa.

When I first saw the picture, I wondered why I had taken it. Then I remembered trying to get a picture of a little guy hopping around the entrance to the Lateral Ditch. He’s not very big and I’ve had to throw away most of the picture to make him visible. Even now he’s hard to see, because he’s not moving in the picture.

He and a friend (female?) were just taking a brief rest stop before resuming their journey north to Canada for the breeding season.

The Indigo Bunting I saw a little farther along the ditch was the one who gave me the idea for the title of today’s post. Each time I picked up my binoculars, he dodged behind some leaves. Each time I put the binoculars down, he hopped out into plain view.

We saw several beaver on our short trip. Only one was brazen enough to sit on the bank while we coasted near. Then he was off under the water like his cousins in other parts of the refuge. We also spotted a deer deep in the woods, watching us.

Some birds weren’t so hard to spot. In fact, this Turkey Vulture and its friends came a little close for comfort. The Beautiful and Vivacious One decided that they must be watching me, since I was the oldest one in our canoe.

My best picture of the day was supposed to be of a vulture sitting in a dead tree. Unfortunately, the vulture moved just as I was pressing the button and escaped the frame while the camera was thinking about exposure and such.

Other birds seen and heard: Baltimore Orioles, Great Egret, Blue Herons, Red Tailed Hawk, Canadian Geese, Mallards, swallows, other ducks, Red Winged Black Birds, Red Headed Woodpeckers, Robins.



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