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Canoeing in the Odessa Wildlife Management Area May 11, 2010

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I took the Beautiful and Vivacious One canoeing for Mother’s Day. We loaded the canoe and headed for Lake Odessa here in Louisa County to try one of the Odessa Water Trails.

There are four to choose from. We began on the Goose Trail because the smaller of the two connecting ponds is only accessible when the lake is high in the spring and during hunting season.

The entire trail can be completed in less than two hours, but since we didn’t wish to take two vehicles and didn’t have the time to return on the South Water trail, we took our own route through the maze of connecting lakes. That made a map essential. You’ll find a printable copy here.

The aerial photo from Google that I’ve embedded below was taken when the water was much lower, but you can use it to trace our route.

We put in and finished our trip at Shafer access. (It’s marked with the A flag.) There is a ramp and dock there with plenty of parking.

You’ll notice a line on the aerial photo going right from the Lake Odessa label. It’s a channel that connects Lake Odessa with Swarms Pond and Beebe Pond.

We headed down the channel, across Swarms Pond and into Beebe Pond.

We went out the south end of Beebe Pond (orange sandbags on the far right) and around the bend.

From there, we paddled back along the southwest shore of Swarms Pond and turned into the southern channel.

We turned left and continued southeast until we could loop around into the main lake and returned to Shafer Access.

The whole trip, with occasional stops for bird watching and pictures, took a little over two hours. You can see for yourself how delightful it was.

In my next post I’ll share some of the birds and wildlife we encountered.

In the meantime, you may want to head over to Naturally Louisa and sign up for a guided trip along the Burris Ditch (Orange) Trail June 5, 2010. You’ll also find several other canoe and kayak trips listed there.

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1. Alan S. Hochman Photography - May 29, 2010

J.W. Corbett WMA…

I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my website :)…

2. Wapello Warbler - May 29, 2010

Thanks Alan. I couldn’t find the trackback, but I loved your pictures of the south Florida wildlife.

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