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Should the Warbler Get a Makeover? November 12, 2009

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At the end of August I wrote about getting a good bird book.


  I took my own advice and when my National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern North America came I turned to the section on warblers. I hate to say it, but that cute little bird I invented for my logo looks very much like a Tennessee Warbler. They migrate through Louisa County, but don’t stay long.

There is another warbler that nests here during the summer called the Blue-winged Warbler. They are yellow with midnight blue wings. As you locals know, Wapello High School’s colors are blue and gold. I find myself wondering if I should tweak a few lines and recolor him.

Should I repaint the bird? Tell me what you think!



1. Kent - November 12, 2009

[…]Your click “here” link doesn’t work.

2. Wapello Warbler - November 12, 2009

Sorry about the extra effort required, Kent. I prepared the post a few days in advance and forgot to adjust the link accordingly; but, thanks for letting me know. I’ve fixed it now and RSS subscribers who hadn’t updated their feeds yet will get the correct link. It’s too late for people linking from Facebook and email.

3. Poll Results « Wapello Warbler's Louisa County - November 15, 2009

[…] : The poll has closed. The results are in. I regret that a few voters were kept from the polls by a misdirected link; […]

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