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5 Fall Reasons to Leave the City October 11, 2009

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Louisa County, Small Town Life.
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Fall leaves

You loved 5 Summer Reasons to Leave the City and my spring reasons were a hit, too. It’s fall now, so here are 5 more reasons to leave the city.

  1. Fall Colors. Sure, leaves change color in the cities, too; but you’re to busy fighting traffic to enjoy them. Get out of town along the wooded lanes and highways of the country to really enjoy them.  Around here the best place for color is county 99 between Wapello and Burlington.
  2. Hayrides and Bonfires. Throw a few hay bales on a wagon.  Hook it to a tractor and its instant fun.  Just ride around cuddling with your honey or start a hay fight.  Your choice.  Afterward, light the fire and get the hot dogs and s’mores going with your favorite hot drink.
  3. Corn Mazes. Do you like paper mazes?  Try one made of 7 foot  corn.  It can take an hour or more to thoroughly explore one.  But beware, some of them are haunted! Looking for one in Louisa County?  Try Barnyard Blooms just north of Grandview.
  4. Hunting. Louisa County has 13,000 acres available for hunting pheasant,  turkey, water fowl, and large corn fed deer. You can find a list of public hunting locations here and a complete breakdown of seasons, licensing and other regulations at the Iowa DNR’s web site. Click here for waterfowl and here for other game. If you’re an avid hunter, consider moving here.
  5. Safer Trick or Treating. When we lived in the city we had to choose between driving a few score miles or checking our kids candy very, very carefully.  It’s different here. The people at work, the people at church, and the parents of the other kids are all near neighbors.  You see them in the stores, at the gas station, and out for a walk.  It isn’t long before you know who lives where.  You can cover your friends on foot and fill a bag in less time than it takes Harry Potter to grab the  snitch.

Now it’s your turn.  What  fall reasons do you have for preferring life in a small town?

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