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How to Get Your Event Noticed August 6, 2009

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Events, Louisa County.
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There are many events in Louisa County that are announced by email. I get some of those announcements at the church. I see others at the bank and some come directly to me. The question I have for you is this: are you trying to limit the number of people that show up?

You see, email goes directly to a particular person. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want. For example, if you are sending out the agenda for a meeting, email makes perfect sense. It’s cheap, easy distribution.

But what if you really want as many people as possible to show up? While emails sometimes get forwarded, their ability to get to a more general audience is limited.

Newspaper advertising has played this role and will continue to do so, especially in communities like ours. Are there online forums that are equivalent?

The answer is yes and no. The internet provides the opportunity to communicate your events to millions of people–but only if they are looking for them. Nonetheless, more and more people are turning to the internet for information because of the simplicity of finding the things they seek.

Playing with Google search for some of our community’s upcoming events has yielded mixed results. Some of them that have been included in a variety of events calendars or that have their own web pages are easy to find. Others aren’t. My post, 12 Fun Things to Do at Chief Wapello Days, was easy to find in Google and Bing and generated a surprising amount of traffic. In fact, it is still bringing people to my blog even after the event.

A FaceBook fan page for your organization would be another way to make your events search-able and potentially reach a larger audience, though getting deeply buried in the search results is still a problem. On the plus side, you could quickly reach people who had signed up as fans, just like you do with email, but without the hassles of list maintenance.

A third approach would be to have an online events calendar that area residents could check for local events. Your events would never get buried under tons of irrelevant entries and would be readily accessible to a wide range of local residents. Some of them would even show up on the search engines if the search was well qualified.

You’ll find a limited prototype of such a calendar on the new Events tab of Wapello Warbler’s Louisa County. I envision this working something like the bulletin board in the grocery store. You post your event a few weeks in advance and once a week I’ll clear the old stuff off.

Because the mechanism I am using for this feature is primitive, events are listed in the order they are received rather than in date sequence. Also before posting your first notice please read the ground rules.

I hope to see new events posted regularly. Of course, I also encourage you to regularly check the calendar for events of interest to you.

I’ll be interested to see how many events get posted and how many people visit to find out what’s going on. If it works out well, I’ll look into a more capable calendar.



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