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Scouting Flaming Prairie Park August 2, 2009

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Prairie Grass

Flaming Prairie

If you’re looking for a quiet campground without a lot of traffic noise or neighbors Flaming Prarie park in Louisa County may be just the place for you.  Here is what I saw when I visited it last week.

The park is named after a small demonstration prairie plot.  (Much of Iowa was originally prairie). You can see from my picture that the ears of the prairie grass are tinted red. I’m just guessing, but I’ll bet that’s where it gets its name.

A Local Resident


Because the park is actually on bottom land, more of the park is pond and marsh than prairie.  Marshes can be fun to explore for tadpoles and other small critters.   My friends in the conservation office tell me that they are planning a boardwalk into the marsh that will make such exploration much easier and much less messy.

There are two camping areas that are  mostly grass.  One has some  pull-through sites for campers or RV’s.  Those campsites are equipped with electricity.  There is water available, but you will need to bring your own drinking water.  The toilets are modern pit toilets and there are no showers. There is also a shelter and swing set for picnickers.



The campsites are sufficiently far from the tar road and the road is so little traveled that there is almost no traffic noise.   My son and I were there on a Wednesday afternoon and were by ourselves except for a fisherman and his kids.  The quiet was wonderful.

The Mississippi from the Access

The Mississippi from the Access

The river access is about 500 yards from the campground.   You could easily launch a canoe or fishing boat, but it seems to be used primarily for fishing.  The fisherman we met said he had gotten two nice catfish that day and that he also frequently caught large bluegills and stripers.

If you visit, you’ll  notice that the park is showing it’s age and needs some attention.  That’s why the conservation board is planning an “extreme makeover” day, Saturday, September 26th.  In addition to general maintenance, they plan to improve the park by adding a natural playground and the  boardwalk into the marsh.

I encourage you to call the conservation office at 319-523-8381 to volunteer for the makeover or you can send them an email at lccb@lccb.org.

Find out more about Flaming Prairie by clicking on one of these links:


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