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How She Learned to Throw a Tomahawk July 30, 2009

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The Beautiful and Vivacious One (BVO),  is always looking for new adventures.  She must be descended from an ancient line of Celtic warrior  princesses, for a surprising number of those adventures involve weapons.

A few weeks ago, those ancient inclinations arose again, so we piled into the car and headed down a gravel road to learn the art of throwing tomahawks.

As we pulled into the drive, we knew we were in the right place: there was a large wooden target on the lawn. This being a warrior-princess thing, our hostess would do the teaching.

She showed us how to hold the tomahawk, marked off seven paces from the target, then turned and threw the tomahawk, burying the blade in a foot-thick slice from an old maple tree.  She made it look easy.

One Away, One to Go

One Away, One to Go

It was the BVO’s turn next.  She took seven steps and faced the target. Our instructor told her to take one step forward while bringing her arm over her shoulder baseball style.  She was to throw the ‘hawk firmly and finish with her open hand pointing at the target. Before long the ‘hawk was firmly stuck in the target.

It turns out that the secret to throwing both tomahawks and knives is being the right distance away from the target.  Old westerns not withstanding,  throwing a ‘hawk or knife isn’t really something one would do on a battlefield. But, with a bit of paint or a playing card on the target  it becomes a game, similar to darts, for warrior princesses to amuse themselves between battles or trappers to play at Rendezvous.



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