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Flirting with a Real Fox July 13, 2009

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Iowa River, Nature, Wapello.
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In May, I wrote about discovering three fox cubs at play within the city limits of Wapello. Saturday evening, I encountered one of them again. Here’s the story.

I had been working on my sermon for a couple of hours and the ideas had stopped flowing. I decided to take a break and wander down to the riverbank. There is a guard rail along Water Street at that point and the uprights make decent seats for watching the river.

It was dusk as I approached the river. I looked down the bank and there she was, a beautiful young vixen, standing in plain sight, within a car length of where I stood on the road. She was fully grown, but hadn’t filled out, yet; lithe like a young cat.

She looked at me with some curiosity. We stood and eyed each other for a moment.

“What a picture!”

I reached for my camera phone, but I had left it sitting on my desk.

As we continued to watch each other, I decided that I would prefer to sit. I stepped over the guard rail. She preferred having something between us, so she moved along the run she’d been following until a small tree was between us.Then she stopped and looked back over her left shoulder at me as I settled on the guard rail.

The tree blocked my view of her, so I leaned over and looked around the tree. She was still there–watching me.

I sat up again and scanned the riverbank. Some grapevines were doing a great kudzu imitation and had grown up and covered the large rocks along the side of the bank. Some new wild flowers were in bloom and there were some odd weeds that were thrusting green shafts flecked with yellow flowers 3 or 4 feet into the air.

I wondered if my young friend were still there. I leaned over and looked around the tree and there she was–still watching me. I sat back up. I leaned back over. She hadn’t twitched.

We continued to play peekaboo for another five minutes or so. I thought maybe, since she permitted that, I might move down the guard rail a bit to a place where I could watch her more easily. But as soon as the tree was no longer between us, she ran off down the trail.

I stayed and watched the river for a while, but I didn’t see her again. Maybe another evening.

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1. IN4MER - July 15, 2009

I can see what you mean about how, if you just stop and take in the enviroment, that the world shows you things you would miss otherwise. Nature is beautiful all by itself, but seeing wild life in the flesh, and staring right into the eyes of a wild animal that is probably just as curious about you, as you are of it, makes you appreciate this small moments in life.
Thank you for sharing this story with me and I would like to add you to my blog roll. I enjoy your writing, very much.

Wapello Warbler - July 15, 2009

Thanks, IN4MER, you have written some excellent things yourself. I would be pleased to be added to your blog roll. For my readers, here is a link to IN4MER’s post Ever Just Stop and Watch The World Go By? You may also enjoy Staying in Touch with Nature from the same blog.

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