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Add Your Two Cents Worth June 16, 2009

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Some of my readers know how blogs work and some don’t.  This post is primarily for those who have never added a comment to a blog before; but, I do have some ground rules of interest to everyone toward the end.

If you look at the top of this article you will see the number of comments that people have added to what I have written.  If you are reading this post in the archive you will find any comments that have been added immediately after the post.  After that you’ll see a form you can use to add your own comment.

If you are on the HOME page, you won’t see the comments or the form. Click on the number of comments or on the title of the article and you’ll go to the page that lets you read and add comments.


The comment form asks for your name, email address, and web page.  I don’t care if you use your real name or make one up; just be consistent so that other readers will begin to recognize you.

Email Address

The email address will not be displayed or used for spam.  While some  bloggers use the emails provided to send you various kinds of offers, I won’t.  You will only receive email from me if you subscribe to my blog and ask that new posts or comments be sent by email. Use the “Free email subscription” link near the top of the right column to do that.

Web Page

Which brings us to the box for your own web page.  You can leave that blank; but, if you do have your own blog or web page, fill it in.  Occasionally, other readers who like what you have to say, will click on your name or picture and be taken to the URL you have listed. If you are from Louisa County I may even add a permanent link to your blog or web page.

Ground Rules

The first time you comment, I will have to read and approve what you write. That prevents spammers from making this an R rated blog.

To be approved, your comments will have to be relevant, G-rated, and polite, but you may disagree with me, add your own thoughts, suggest other things of interest, or ask questions.  After I have approved your first comment,  you will be able to add comments any time without my approval, so long as you follow my rules.  Break the rules and I will delete your comment.  Do it twice and I will add you to my blacklist.

Finally, most blogs work pretty much the same way and, like me, most people who write blogs appreciate comments.  So don’t be shy.  Say hello and get some practice.



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