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Myth #1, “There’s Nothing to Do” June 3, 2009

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Today’ I’m going to do a little myth busting.

Surely, you’ve heard that there is nothing to do in small towns.

Like all good myths, there is a certain “truthiness”  about this one, but if it were really true, everyone in Wapello would be suffering from terminal boredom–and very few of my friends have time to be bored.

In fact, if anything, those of us who live in Wapello have more opportunities and more choices than many residents of  larger cities.

For example, last week, in You Could Be a Star, I wrote about small-town theatre groups.  You don’t have to have a ton of talent and a resume full of experience to get a part.

Likewise, you can tell the kids who went to smaller high schools by the breadth of their resumes.   In a large high school, you’re lucky to be able to participate in one or two extra curricular activities.  In a small high school, it often seems like everyone does everything.

When I lived in St. Louis, my time was spent on the routine of daily living, with an occasional trip to the zoo or a ball game.  In Wapello, my daily life is about the same–except that my commute is a 15 minute walk.

My spare time, however,  is much more varied.  I’ve had the chance to sing and dance in a musical review.  I’ve served on a number of community task forces.  I spent a few summers playing golf once or twice a week. I swim regularly.

Various members of my family have done clowning, horse training, and drama, played baseball and softball, competed at the state level in Mock Trial, and at the national level in floriculture, nursery/landscaping, and food science.

I haven’t even mentioned hunting and fishing, rodeos, stock car racing, scouts, canoeing, and  I’ve only grazed the local sports scene.

And you know what’s best of all?  When you’re worn out from all the activity you can look at the kids, point at the door, and say, “Go outside and play!” without worrying about them.

In short, if you’re bored, move to Wapello.



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