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Big Sand Mound Open for ONE Day May 20, 2009

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Environment.
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I received this today from my friends in the conservation office.  The presentation I’ve seen on this reserve was fascinating.  Come and see this rare ecosystem, Saturday, June 27th.

Normally closed to the general public, the [Big Sand Mound] preserve is open for this special event only every third year.

Guided field tours and nature talks will be given by specialists in natural resources and researchers who study the plants and animals at the preserve. Most of the field tours pass through the sandy, gently rolling terrain and involve some slightly strenuous walking.

The 510-acre nature preserve is home to the highest concentration of threatened and endangered species in the state. Of more than 400 different plants at the site, 80 percent are native. Animals find the preserve relatively undisturbed, with a variety of habitats in close proximity to each other. The preserve has open prairies, sand dunes, ponds and woodlands and is an example of how nature and business can co-exist.

from Upcoming Events in Louisa County, Iowa at Naturally Louisa County.  Click here for the brochure and registration information.



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