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Cake Week May 18, 2009

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Small Town Life.
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This is cake week in Wapello.  Baccalaureate was last Sunday afternoon and graduation will be this Sunday.  Both weekends are marked by a series of receptions for this year’s graduates. Most of them are large affairs.

We celebrated graduation where I grew up, but not like they do here.

In Wapello, dad cleans out the garage or rents a canvas gazebo to make room for all the guests.  Mom lays out sandwich fixings, chips, pickles, mints, and cake, buffet style.  Someone cleans out the closet; retrieving pictures, ribbons, and awards, and lays them over table.

Perhaps one of the reasons these receptions are so big is that the community is so interrelated.  By the time you’ve invited all the cousins, you’ve got a quite a crowd.  Then there are teachers, pastors, friends, and unofficial relatives like your best friends’ parents and the folks at church.

Because we’re transplants, my kids didn’t have any local relatives; but, we still had scores of people at our children’s receptions.

I like cake week.  It’s a chance to reconnect with some of the folks I don’t see as often.  There’s a lot of small talk, a lot of stories, and–of course–a lot of cake.

Do you have a favorite graduation story?  Why not add it to the comments? I’d love to hear it.



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