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The New Johnnie B’s May 12, 2009

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Where Eagle's Fish

Where Eagle's Fish

Today, I had the opportunity to have lunch in the new Johnnie B’s on the riverfront.  The food was as good as ever and there’s an unobstructed view of the river and its wooded shores from the deck or the dining room.

This particular bend of the river is a favorite winter fishing ground for bald eagles.  During the summer they prefer Lake Odessa and other less inhabited areas,  but today during lunch we could see one circling over the slough southwest of the restaurant.

A Good, But Inexpensive Restaurant

Johnnie B’s has long been one of the county’s best restaurants.  Lunches include a variety of burgers and several “blue plate” specials.  My particular favorites are the Swiss burger (Swiss cheese and mushrooms on a thick burger cooked to order) and the walleye.  Dinners lean toward steaks and shrimp.  There’s also a bar, so wine and beer are readily available to go with your lunch or dinner.  Prices are very reasonable. Folks from out of town are usually pleasantly surprised when they see the check.

Burned Out and Rebuilt

The original Johnnie B’s burned last summer and had to be demolished.  Our good mayor proposed swapping a bit of parking along the river for the lot where the old restaurant sat.  The Buster brothers worked all winter (even when it was -10) putting up the new building.  The result is a much larger restaurant that has a great view.  The side facing the river has a giant picture window that runs the length of the restaurant.

How to Find It .  Johnnie B’s is on the river behind the State Bank of Wapello. The link will give you a map with a pin in the bank’s location. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner on weekdays, Saturday evenings, and Sunday 11-5.



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