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Iowa Banks on Different Planet May 8, 2009

Posted by Wapello Warbler in Rural Economy.
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So says the  Burlington Hawk Eye quoting Charlie Funk, President of Midwest One Financial Group.  Indeed they are.  Unlike the monsters that just had their stress tests, our Louisa County banks are community banks.  They know their customers by name, treat them fairly, and seek the welfare of the communities they serve.

Here’s an example of basic fairness for you:  my bank credits my deposits before paying my checks and debit card transactions.  (A surprising number of banks do it the other way around). Furthermore, the withdrawals are processed from smallest to largest, so that if I mess up and get over drawn, the smallest number of payments will bounce–saving me big bucks.  Why do the big banks do it the other way around?  To maximize their fees.

Our local bankers volunteer on community boards, are active with the economic development groups, make loans to start-ups, and are actively promoting micro-lending initiatives in order increase the number of small businesses and trades people in our county.

If this is a different planet, I’m glad I’m on it.



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